Current Date:August 9, 2022

5 ways career counselling can help students

No matter what career path students choose, there is cutthroat competition in every industry. Whatever branch of education they choose, finding the right career is no walk in the park, especially when there are so many verticals they could choose with lucrative job offers at the end. Career counselling for students is a great way for students to learn what careers are best for them because a career is as much about enjoying life as it is about the money in it. We have seen so many people leaving high-paying jobs because they were not passionate about the jobs they were doing.

Career counselling for students at an early stage will prevent such hassles in the long run. They will know what kind of job they should be looking for going forward and show them how to get to the top.

5 ways career counselling can help students

Career counselling for students is the need of the hour. Given that the students spend the better part of their day in schools, career counselling should not be deemed a luxury but a necessity. Here are five ways career counselling can help students from a young age:

  1. Right career choice: It goes without saying that Career counselling for students at schools can help them pick the right career. Depending on their passion, skills, and interests, a career counsellor can help them steer in the right direction.
  2. Determine strength, values, and interests: Many students often struggle to find their interests and strong points until they are well into a different job because of the lack of guidance.  Career counsellors prepare questionnaires to determine their strengths, values, and interest more clearly.
  3. Preparing timetables and setting goals: Once the counsellors help students identify their goals and interests, preparing timetables to achieve the set goals become easier. Career counselling for students helps them develop milestones they need to meet each month to take a step closer to their careers.
  4. Identifying options and choices: Being passionate about a subject means that students can make various career choices. Career counsellors know the word of options waiting to be explored and help you identify those options and choices that students did not even know existed.

Upskilling: Once students identify their skills and interests, their intended career choice might require upskilling. A career counsellor helps the students decide what skills they need to acquire and acquire them without harming their choices.


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