Current Date:August 11, 2022

Don’t let career be a game of chance! Change the game with Career Accelerators.

It may seem trivial now, but these processes lay the foundation of their life and will be the deciding factor of their future.

Given the importance of the decision and the lack of knowledge and experience of these budding citizens, it is imperative that they get help and support from all corners to steer them in the right direction.

This is where proposes a career accelerator program in schools that can play a pivotal role. A well-trained and experienced career coach can influence the life of students academically, socially, psychologically, and even financially.

Let us walk through some key points that will convince you.

The country’s future

Obviously, its foundation lies on its younger generation – the future citizens. So it’s imperative that they take the best career decisions based on their interests, skills, and aptitude. This will not only help them but also the nation on the account of having a happy and satisfied workforce. Heard of happiness index?

This is where a career counsellor can help. They can improve the students’ outlook and steer them in the right direction with the help of proven methods.

The child’s future

A young mind is easily influenced. Hence, it is quite natural that they get impressed and swayed by celebrities or high flyers in various fields – be it an actor, singer, computer engineer or entrepreneur. 

While it is always encouraging to see children have idols and try to emulate them, sometimes it might just be a passing fad, or it might be an area they are not fit for. What they miss out on is gauging their own interest and aptitude. Inevitably, this might lead to a wrong choice.

A career counsellor can easily spot this dilemma, and by using appropriate methods, help the student steer him/her to the right goal.

Career selection is a vital process

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have various methods and tests by which we can easily detect the hidden skill, talent and aptitude of a child. Often we find children are not aware of their own abilities and potential. Finding themselves confused and even ignorant about many career options, they often end up making wrong decisions.

A career accelerator system in schools can change the entire scenario. Counsellors can hold a series of sessions and help students become aware of their own capabilities and skills as well as open the door to numerous career opportunities which they were unaware of.

The consequence of this scientific and step-by-step method is that the children will have reliable facts in front of them and can thus take informed decisions about their future.

Without this support system, the confusion and ignorance would make their journey harder. With a comprehensive scientific career coaching system in place in schools, the future stands bright and promising for the rising generation.

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