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Lifology: the journey from career acceleration to a career metamorphosis

The world today is so undependable and ever-changing. Moving forward in this uncertain world in a haphazard manner is not advisable for anyone. The word career had become so elusive that we cannot predict our future career like what our previous generation had done. The opportunities and career prospects are changing in a drastic manner where jobs are becoming extinct day by day. Our current education system is struggling hard to cope up with this swift change in career environment and companies are awestruck by the sheer lack of skills among the educated masses coming out of our colleges each year. At this point, the importance of new and innovative career-enhancing platforms like has become unavoidable. is a Guinness World Record winning Career Guidance platform, which uses the potential of artificial intelligence to analyze and assess student potentials and aptitudes and give Comprehensive information on new-age career paths, courses, and universities. With the help of a league of globally trained career coaches who can support your child in taking the most important decisions regarding his/her future education and career and by analyzing the skills like GRIT, curiosity, critical thinking, networking, communication, confidence, and many more, required for the new age careers, Lifology is a leader among the platforms which help children achieve a successful future.

The main parenting concern of today is the lack of knowledge about new educational and career paths. We as a parent doesn’t know how to guide our children towards securing a definite career path, using the skills he possesses. In the changing world scenario skills are much more important than knowledge. Lifology attempts to solve this problem through its phenomenal Super Parent Eco-system that is comprised of Lifology Magazine, Lifology TV, Lifology Hub, Lifology Connect, and the most vibrant and engaged Super Parent Community. Lifology enables the parent to connect to the top career coaches, industry leaders, and mentors and acquire enough knowledge about the new age opportunities and upcoming trends and changes in education and career.

According to an article published in ‘The New Indian Express’ lifology is described as an organization working to help people find happiness in a career. According to Rahul Nair, co-founder of Lifology, every child is distinct and the career path that they need to follow must be the one for which they have an aptitude.

“It should not be based on the trend prevalent or the neighbor’s child. Until and unless a person arrives at the right job, he or she will be miserable and perform poorly which will finally affect career growth. Besides, the world is changing today and with it the jobs,” he said. According to him, studies have shown that people spend almost one-third of their life in a profession or career, and hence total happiness in life is mainly influenced by his or her satisfaction with the job.

We should consider the collaboration of the Adani foundation with lifology when they started a unique corporate social responsibility scheme (CSR) among Kerala’s coastal communities. The project aims to provide career-building opportunities to students from less developed coastal areas using the platform.

“Under the CSR of Adani Vizhinjam Port, we are trying to develop the potential among the youth in under-served regions. Programs like Lifology, which offer scientific assessments and empathetic career coaching have helped us guide the youth,” said Anil Balakrishnan, Unit CSR Head, Adani Foundation.

According to Praveen Parameswar, CEO, Lifology, there’s a huge potential in these parts that can be channeled towards the pursuit of excellence in various career fields. “We are honored to work with Adani Foundation,” he said while inaugurating the project. Lifology, being the world’s first career accelerator for teens is looking for more opportunities to be a helping hand to the less privileged communities across India, he added.

Using the AI-powered psychometric assessments and the help of highly trained lifologists (career coaches of lifology .com, there is no doubt that this endeavor will be fruitful.

Along with career training and career assessment, lifology had carried out much researches in the field of education and career development. The research conducted by Dr. Marilyn Maze, Executive Director, APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association), and Rahul J Nair, Director, Lifology, had received worldwide acclaim for mapping out the covid 19 parenting scenario. The survey found that the parents in India are increasingly opting for online learning amid the covid 19 crisis. The survey also points fingers to the rise of physical inactivity among children and the problems associated with it. The research tried to analyze where India stands in terms of adapting to the new situation and tackling the chaos that surrounds our education system.

India has fared well better than many western nations during this crisis and the education scenario in India is going to change in a bigger and meaningful way after this. The trust in e-learning and digital guidance has grown and will evolve to replace all conventional ways. The parents will have to balance the online and offline activities of their children” said Dr Marilyn Maze, Executive Director (APCDA), who led the research. is associated with many Indian state governments to help them tackle the needs of education and career-building Praveen Parameswar, CEO of Lifology said, “The ongoing COVID crisis will change the dimensions of education and the way we spend time for it. The impact of this crisis is long term and parents, children will have to embrace modern technology, the digital world for education and career guidance. Informed and productive use of Digital Media is going to be the game-changer for families in the future.”

In this tough and highly competitive career environment, it is the responsibility of parents to guide their children to a career option that suits their passion and skills. In addition to this, a career should give them amble earnings to lead a purposeful life in this world. The advanced platform and experience career coaches of provide many tools for parents to achieve the Himalayan task of guiding their children to a good career.


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