Current Date:March 31, 2020

Offbeat careers in Architecture: Drawing success differently

Here are a few unconventional architecture jobs we’ve listed down for you:

Urban Planner: With the booming urban population and expansion, this can be a great option. Our urban spaces are ever-changing and in a continuous state of flux. Thus, urban planning is an exciting space to be in with the dynamic nature of the field. It would include planning public transport, implementing sustainable development schemes, to name a few. The job calls for creativity and adaptability. 

Research Architect: In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, new design tools are in high demand. Being a Research Architect would allow you to work on developing information technology for practising architects. In this digital and omni-connected world, an architecture degree enhanced by digital and software skills will undoubtedly be a great asset. As a Research Architect, you can use digital and artificial intelligence tools not to just design structures, but also enhance existing ones.

Extreme Architect: An extreme architect is one who specializes in designing and conceptualizing buildings that can withstand extreme weather conditions, and are ecologically sustainable. With climate change becoming a grim reality of our daily life and with increased frequency of extreme weather conditions such as cyclones, floods, etc, the role of an extreme architect is becoming more and more important. If we need to adapt to the changing climate patterns, we also need living spaces that are sustainable, and maybe even help reduce human carbon footprints. 

Production Designer: This is another great creative option. You would produce the designs for film or theatre sets, allowing you to apply your skill set to interpret architecture according to the demands of a narrative. This line of work is a perfect amalgamation of creativity, technical knowledge, story-telling and even architecture history.

Restoration Architect: History can be told through old buildings. As they say, every wall has a story to tell. This is why restoration is so important. Being a Restoration Architect would be a great way to be part of that historical narrative through tasteful and authentic renovation. Heritage buildings not only teach us the history and evolution of architecture, but also that of our society and culture. The job of a restoration architect is tough and demanding, as you will be responsible to protect and restore a society’s history. That makes it an extremely honourable career. 

Landscape Architect: This is another essential role in the wake of global warming. Landscape Architects manage environmental restoration and water management. In addition, you would get to build the landscape using the natural features of the land rather than just bricks and concrete. Living spaces are increasingly becoming about outdoors as much as it is about indoors. This job is perfect for people who enjoy nature.

These are just some career paths open to you. Given that architecture develops a variety of skills, other possible careers include teaching at a university, becoming a photographer, Public Art Curators, Lighting Architect, Industrial Designer, Furniture Designer, Writer, or an Entrepreneur.

The sky’s the limit!

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