Current Date:August 11, 2022

Bag a career in leather technology

Leather technology is a branch of engineering that deals with leather combination, production, and refining. It also deals with the mixing of natural and artificial leather. Leather Technology Courses in recent times have emerged as a lucrative career option as the demand for leather goods is on the rise and is expected to grow further.

 The majority of the demand is from the footwear industry. Other leather accessories such as belts, luggage, bags, jackets, gloves, purses, caps to toys, upholstery, baggage, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items, etc., capture the rest of the market.

Apart from being a fashion statement, the natural product is also valued for its strength, comfort, and durability. The industry is set to boom with bright career opportunities in both technical and designing areas

A student aspiring to take up this career path can do a four-year B.E./B.Tech. Course, and top up with a two-year M.Tech program in Leather Technology. There are also many Diploma and Certificate courses in Leather Technology. Such courses can improve one’s chances of getting a higher-paying job.  

A few of the subjects covered under Leather Technology courses are: 

  • Analytical chemistry of pre-tanning materials
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Leather processing
  • Computer-aided engineering graphics
  • Leather-product designing and development, using software.


If you need to flourish in this industry, it is pertinent that you create and develop new and up-to-date patterns that are in vogue with the latest fashion trends.

With experience and an excellent academic backing, you can be in a managerial position in leather firms, export houses, production houses, boutiques, or government organizations in sectors such as footwear, leather garments, and leather products.

You can also become a technical designer or a stylist.
An experienced leather technologist can find job opportunities in leather production, quality control, research management, buying, sales, or marketing. You can also become a teacher in one of the institutes that teach leather technology.
And for those that dare to dream further – After gathering work experience in other firms, you can set up your own production unit, too, and become an entrepreneur.

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