Current Date:March 31, 2020

How to build careers in the world turned upside down by AI

In a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study that measured the impact of AI on the job scenario, it was found that 38 percent of US jobs are at a palpably high risk of being invaded by AI over the next 15 years. For example, according to a forecast, driver-less vehicles will make up 75 percent of all traffic by 2040.

So, what should be your approach to stay at the top in terms of your career prospects?

We at believe that even though you can’t fight, delay or stop disruption, you sure can change and adapt to make yourself relevant to the changing times.

Being Different

Many analysts believe that the fundamental human qualities – creativity, adaptability, and interpersonal skills — determine whether a person is employable or not. And interestingly, they are also the factors that give human beings an advantage over AI- and ML-equipped systems.

We need to emphasize on exercises that promote problem-solving, and teach children how to work cooperatively in teams. For professional adults, that may mean they must also be good human beings rather than only experts in technology.

The Human Advantage

To stay relevant in our careers, a curriculum that lets humans do the jobs only humans can do will be of paramount importance. However, lifelong learning will also be a key factor as the study-patterns we now have will be of no use when machines already get embedded with the entire syllabus in lesser time than we can imagine.


While the future is not certain, there is a subtle probability that AI and ML will hit most of the jobs. As a professional, one has to understand and imagine what kind of changes will be relevant to his/her career in the future. As a famous analyst says, being an expert in technological terms will not be enough, one must also have enough flexibility and humane sensibility to achieve the career objectives.

It is as true as the universal truths. One needs to prepare for the future even if there are other important things to do in the present, and there will be no instant return to these efforts. 

Fear or complexes won’t save us; we stay atop only if we continue the human legacy even when AI and ML challenge us in our careers.

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