Current Date:March 31, 2020

Don’t lock up the phones yet, social media is vital for teens to get a career headstart

While professionals are quite aware of what and how to use social media to progress their career objectives, appeals that not just those aspiring for jobs but teenagers too can benefit from these channels that prompt employers to better understand prospective employees.

Here are some tips from the research desk of for aspiring future professionals to benefit from social media.

1. Keep an eye on the latest developments in the chosen domains

Children usually have a lot of curiosity to learn about new things, and social media can be an excellent place to do just that.

Use the platforms to understand technologies and get the latest news about your favourite career domains. Apart from the daily news feeds by numerous organizations, children can be part of relevant groups, and/or attend interesting events by using social media as their guides.

This can help them stay abreast with all potential career options even before they start their professional journey.

2. Catch the eye of employers with a unique profile : Social media platforms offer children an excellent opportunity to participate in career-related discussions and events. By following the right pages, professionals and groups, by developing their knowledge with active engagement in various platforms, children can build their own brand on these platforms.

By being good in select concepts would help advertise their skills to employers. They can also gain a lot of insights from experts and professionals who belong to their chosen career domains.

3. Showcase talent to the world

While talent is always in demand, and traditional methods of career enhancements still draw a lot of career gurus, social media offers children an opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of their chosen career objectives. They can also showcase their talents to a wider base of individuals who can help them progress in the career goals in a succinct and quick manner.

Unlike other platforms, social media offers better exposure to children to showcase their expert knowledge.

While there are some very game-changing advantages of social media — to choose, engage and extract large amount of critical career-related information — it can also be a distractor. There are many elements that can deter one from engaging in the right domain, and this can play villain to children who are still rookies when they start using social media channels.

It goes without saying that adult supervision and guidance is of utmost importance.

Garnering a healthy social media habits is the key.

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