Current Date:August 10, 2022

7 Exciting Careers To Explore for writers

If you are a writer, there is a world of opportunities outside of being an author.

Perspectives are slowly changing, and the so-called unconventional professions are slowly being recognized. If being a writer has been on your mind for a while, consider these career options:

  1. Journalist

    If you love writing and news, then don’t think twice before you choose this profession. Depending on your interest and skills, you can be a reporter, an editor, a producer, a video editor, a social media producer, etc.

  2. Freelance writer/ journalist 
    A freelancer is someone who doesn’t have a commitment to one company but can choose to write for various publications at the same time. It’s one job that gives you the freedom to write across different genres without being stuck in a 9-5 cycle. You will be your own boss.
  3. Copy editor
    If you have been termed a grammar nerd, then this role is your calling. This job requires you to find mistakes and correct them; what better way to assert your knowledge! When writers submit articles, copy editors check them thoroughly before passing them on for publishing. Hence, this is a very important and meticulous job; language skills will be of utmost importance.
  4. Copywriter
    Have you read those catchy and smart advertisements and thought, who came up with those? The answer is A copywriter. This job gives you the perfect balance of being creative and practical. Moreover, your work will be read/ seen by millions!
  5. Scriptwriter 
    If you love watching TV series and films and have always dreamt of writing something for the cameras, then look no further than this occupation. Scriptwriters are the backbones of production houses. A good movie can’t be made without a good script. In short, you just don’t write for the film; you create it by coordinating with the team.
  6. Content writer
    A content writer doesn’t just write articles but creates content for brochures, posters, campaigns, launches, website content, and many other exciting opportunities at a company or business if you decide to freelance.
  7. Technical writer
    Technology excites you, but you don’t want to explore a career in engineering, medicine, or other technical fields? You can still be part of the industry by developing technical communication related to these fields. As a technical writer, your primary responsibility is to break down complex technical information into easy-to-follow content. You will create content for technical or occupational communication such as user manuals and admin guides for software, how-to documents for products and installations, medical equipment, instructional videos, and embedded online help across products.

The above-listed options are only a few from the plethora of opportunities out there. Good content will always be valued high, and if you can create or refine that content, you will always be in high demand.

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