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6 things you can do every day to get into the Indian civil services

These are the six things you can integrate into your daily routine if you are considering the Indian Civil Services as a career option.


  1. Time holds the key to success: Time management is quite a crucial aspect when you prepare for the exam. Create a timetable for your study plan. Set aside specific time periods to read textbooks, do mock tests, writing, etc. While studying, always remember to take a break and include some time to do any leisure activities you enjoy.
  2. List out the books you want to cover: There are several books on the stands for civil aspirants recommended by coaching centers, fellow aspirants, friends, and mentors. This huge pile of resources creates confusion for the aspirant. Hence, always create a separate list of books you want to cover for prelims and another you need for the mains.

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  3. Be consistent and regular: Cultivate the habit of having a routine. Civil service aspirants have to have a clear vision and consistent focus on their studies even when they are on the go. Discussions with batchmates and people with thorough knowledge all come in handy during the prelims examination as well as while writing descriptive answers during the mains.
  4. Go micro: Make a habit of taking micro notes while you prepare, as they are pretty handy and will help you with quick revisions. Lengthy notes might seem daunting when you are revising. Short, simple, straightforward pointers will help you refresh your knowledge just before the examination day.
  5. Go Digital: As the world went digital, so did education. Digital lessons can be more refreshing than regular studies. With its audio-visual elements, online classes can be more immersive, too. You can look for various solutions to analytic questions to help you derive new ways to crack problems. This can also save you a lot of time.
  6. Stop worrying: We have so far listed five tips to help you prepare for the civil service examination. But the most important tip for you is to live a stress-free life while you prepare. Enrol yourself for meditation or do something which you enjoy doing so that it can help you bust the stress. And, always seek the support of friends, family and mentors.

Following these tips every day will help you prepare better for the Civil Services exam.

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