Current Date:March 30, 2020

Top jobs that can help you land a cool pay package!

Here’s the lowdown on some of the most financially lucrative career options available in today:

AI and Robotics – There will be a massive scout for experienced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics professionals in the next five years. You can pursue a career in AI or Robotics following a specialized course after your engineering degree.

Armed with an M.E. degree, you can chase your dream to change the world by working with giants such as NASA.

Experienced professionals will also be paid top dollar in the microchips industry.

Growth Hacker – A growth hacker essentially conducts a series of real-time experiments on prevalent marketing techniques and product development methods to glean the most effective strategy to help a business achieve its true potential.

A marketing degree would be helpful, but an eye for innovation is the key to get hold of that fat salary package.

Relationship Therapist – Earlier, a wing of psychology, this is now a module in itself serviced by non-medical professionals. The job entails listening to individuals, understanding their relationship problems, and offering customized viable solutions. With some experience, you can expect to earn a lot.

Social-media Analyst/Manager – Social-media management is a key component of brand management today. Professionals who are familiar with the pulse of various social-media platforms and have an eye for what’s trending stand to earn an amazingly attractive salary package.

SEO Consultant – With more and more Start Ups springing up in every nook and corner, SEO specialists play a crucial role as they help in building a successful brand. The job involves understanding Google’s evolving search algorithms and placing a particular brand within its parameters to achieve maximum visibility. Obviously, it comes with a handsome commission.

Business Analyst – A Business Analyst is a hot commodity for any business organization aiming for rapid growth in a murderously competitive market. The technical groundwork for this career can be laid through an analytics course that can be completed along with your MBA. 

However, you will need to gain years of corporate exposure and real-time experience in marketing to get in the top salary-bracket club.

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