Current Date:August 11, 2022

Designed for professional success: Graphic Design careers

Career success is not only defined by following established trends, but also by identifying your natural skill sets and establishing a niche where you can achieve your full potential.

Here, takes a look at some of the lesser-known and yet attractive career opportunities that are now available to a graphic designer.

Creative Services Manager – Following a solid stint of three or more years as a junior designer, you could be designated as a Creative Services Manager based on the merits of your performance.

Basically, in this role, you act as the interface between the creative team working directly on a project and the senior management. The responsibilities of the position include ensuring a project is completed within the stipulated deadline while meeting the desired parameters.

Information Architect – An Information Architect’s job is to create an optimal user experience for a website. This entails content management and setting up crucial design features.

These architects need to study the target audience and design the website according to their needs. This would include using process maps, wireframes, putting mock-ups and anything necessary to explain the desired user experience to a team.

Mobile Designer – Graphic design professionals in this sector specialize in creating high-quality content and enhanced functionality for all kinds of existing mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS. This is a sector that promises exponential growth opportunities. The job demands fluency in a wide range of mobile platforms as well as a comprehensive understanding of the web from aesthetic as well as functionality standpoints.

User Interface Designer – As a Graphic Designer, this is one of the more challenging but rewarding career opportunities. This job entails providing the user with a seamless online experience, allowing them to access the website’s full functionality easily and effectively. The job demands extensive exposure to several web-based technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX to name a few.

Presentation Specialist – A Presentation Specialist needs to have the rare skill set combination of design expertise and lucid communication. The job involves preparing and delivering visual presentations in a wide array of niches. Apart from a sound knowledge in graphic designing, a professional needs to have a widespread understanding of marketing strategies to be a presentation specialist. The candidate needs to be proficient in PowerPoint, Keynote and Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Email Marketing Designer – As an Email Marketing Designer, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of promotions and email correspondence systems that are effective and engaging. The job requires you to work closely with UI specialists, marketing managers, writers and other designers. It also demands substantial exposure to HTML and CSS.

The future looks bright for graphic design professionals who are passionate about building a rich and rewarding career. The opportunities are only going to get bigger and better over time.

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