Current Date:August 9, 2021

Curiosity, a Catalyst for Success

Curiosity is an efficient catalyst for the success of every adventure, every acquisition, whether it be a new subject or a skill. The dictionary defines curiosity as the strong desire to know or learn something. We are living in a century where everything is fast-moving. Each day when we wake up, we feel that our world is going to be turned upside down with the snap of a finger. So in a world that is unpredictable and swift, we must ask ourselves the question, “Are we curious enough to tackle the challenges of the new era?

When we go behind searching for the history of great inventions, we can see one thing in common; almost all of them had been driven simply by curiosity. Curiosity can be considered as the eldest of all learning. Childhood is a phase where kids are curious to ask many questions. When we were young, we asked a lot of ‘WHYS’ that always irritated our parents. But we stopped asking questions as we grew up, thanks to our education system. The structure of our education system is so rigid that there is no adequate space for creativity and innovation. We must make our education system student-friendly by giving them enough time to pursue their interests.

Being curious will help change the way we perceive things and develop a deeper sense of empathy. A person who nurtures curiosity in their mind will try to learn new things more quickly and adapt to new situations constructively. People will get a deeper understanding of their abilities and will develop problem-solving skills. Children who are curious will be more successful both in academics and the workplace.

Nurturing curiosity in children

  1. Encourage them to be unique
    Every child should realize that it is great to be unique and special in their own way. You need not have to be one among the flock of the same feather that society wishes to see in them.
  2. Nurture their creativity
    Parents should ensure that their talents and creativity are discovered at an early age so that they can reach their full potential as they grow. Explore their creativity and encourage them to help reach their zenith.
  3. Support their innovations
    Whenever your child comes up with something new, be it small or big, support them wholeheartedly. Not everyone will shine at academics but realize that their talents lay elsewhere, explore, and help them succeed.
  4. Motivate the habit of asking questions
    We know how young kids ‘annoy’ us with questions, but be patient and answer them till they are satisfied. This will motivate them to keep on asking questions.

  5. Generate a curiosity in day to day activities
    From a very young age, involve your child in activities that generate curiosity, like the building blocks or story cubes. As they grow, provide them with age-appropriate games and activities that increase their curiosity.
  6. Appreciate their interests
    We as parents might have dreams about our kids but always give priority to their interests. Help them pursue their interests and dreams. Always be that person who will be there, back them up, hold them when they fall, and lift them step by step.

According to Karen Stephens, director of Illinois State University Child Care Centre, “Helping children learn to satisfy curiosity through exploration is one of the best skills you will ever nurture.” So, as parents, let us be the generators, nurturers, and promoters of curiosity within our kids.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

– Albert Einstein


Naveena Claris



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