Current Date:August 11, 2022

Embracing the downtime: A chance to re-invent yourself

Every student can relate to many mornings where we just wake up from bed and think if I could stay for a little longer, if I could play all day long, if I could dream a little longer, if I could stay at home all day, if I could do extracurricular activities than just academics, if I could have some more time for my hobbies and if I could spend more time with my family. Well it’s that time of the year when all your, “If I could get more time I would …” exclamations to be fulfilled.

There is a certain kind of mind-set you should nurture during this prolonged break. At first, it’s fun to have a lot of holidays. But sooner or later you are going to realize that you are falling into boredom and inactivity. It is very important to keep your mental and intellectual health intact, just as your physical health. Although everything is closed and at a standstill, we as students have a duty to continue our learning. Be a warrior of continuous and lifelong learning.

It’s not every day you get, a whole week ahead of you, to plan and execute your very own curriculum of engaging activities and games. In the curriculum that you set out, for yourself, you should be able to inculcate various thought provoking as well as entertaining modules. The modules should include everything you are passionate about, everything you have wanted to attempt and everything you want to achieve or be good at. Simply your curriculum and the modules within should include everything that you love to do and dream to attain.

Now the big step you need to make your plan effective and work like a well-oiled machine is to have the adequate resources. The first and the foremost option is to gather all that is available in and around our house to engage us in various activities. Then let’s redesign our way of living during this stressful time by planning, preparing and executing innovative strategies that works best for each of us;

Dust up your hobbies

Take up that musical instrument or hobby kit that you had put away long back giving the excuse of not getting enough time. Learn it, practise it and bring about something beautiful from it.


Walk, conquer and cherish

Go out and take a walk in your yard. You will be able to find the long forgotten aquarium or plant that you had lost along the way of your busy schedule. Freshen up your gardening skills. Create an elaborate or miniature garden which will be a joyous sight for both you and others.


Regain your health

Health is our most important wealth and sometimes we tend to forget that. Now we have all the time in the world to care for our health. These days you will be able to find good exercise videos and apps providing tutorials, for beginners as well as experts. Spare some time for yoga and meditation to improve your mental health.


Read a lot

A journey with a good book can let you travel far and wide from the confined space of your home. These days we have different e-platforms for reading, other than the hard copy of a book, like kindle, audio books, and digital library. A good book has the power to heal and instill the fire of wisdom. Be a voracious reader.


Design your room to your taste

Sometime we might have felt like strangers in our own room because it is not arranged according to our taste, style and mood factor. Now we have enough time to move around some furniture, put up post its, info-graphics, posters, mind maps or a bulletin board. Throw away the hoarded stuff and add a different colour to your environment.


Bring out the writer in you

If your mind buzzes with a million ideas, now is the best time to pen them down. Imagination is the powerful tool that can kill boredom and bring out the best in you. Ignite your thoughts and ideas to write articles, essays, stories, poems and novels.


Modify your learning experience

Use online platforms and discussion groups to learn new things and upgrade you knowledge. Learn a new skill which you wanted to explore. There are many study resources and certificate courses which can be completed within a short span of time. There are also creative courses which can promote your talents and skills. By this you will be future ready to face the upcoming intellectual and knowledge related challenges, when everything comes back to normal.


Activities and games

Revive the board games and pen paper games to entertain you while you stay at your home with your family. Create your own puzzles and crosswords that you can share with your siblings at home or friends on an online platform. Find exciting activities online like word games, math quiz, simulation activities, interactive classroom, experiment prediction games and quizlets that can challenge your intellect.


Utilize your media time well

When you spend some time in front of the TV and other Medias, be productive in what you choose to watch. Along with some good movies and series, spare some time to watch Ted Talks, educational videos and documentaries, which will enhance novel ideas.


Enjoy the family time

Coming together, working together and staying together with your family is the greatest blessing during these struggling times. Be part of every duty, chore and responsibility within your home. Share and care for one another and spend quality time with your family.

With the wide array of inventories and gadgets at our fingertips, it is very difficult to fall prey to boredom during this lockdown phase. Our ultimate goal should be to engage ourselves in creative and intellectual activities that can help to mould each one of us, to be active and more productive. Let’s be aware of our talents, develop our potential, improve our skills and be equipped for the future.

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