Current Date:August 10, 2021

Quarantine or lock down: Let’s reinvent ourselves

Books are the fuel that can ignite us during this challenging time of the pandemic. Lockdown could bring about a lot of time. You can either waste it worrying or use it productively. If you wander around freely and travel the world from behind your closed doors, a magic agent called “book” will help you out. If a single word said at the right time has the power to change a person’s life, then what wonders could a book bring about for you?


With the remarkable opportunities that modern technology offers, reading can prosper even under this challenging situation. Many libraries today have an online platform where many books are available in digital format. Sometimes we long to feel the softness of the paper and peculiar smell of a few books. However, the situation demands a different approach, and we must accept it.

We can have digital access to our favourite books, periodicals, magazine, audiobooks, newspapers, and movies. The digital library like INFLIBNET gives you virtual access to the world of books. Devices and applications like Kindle and e-resources provided by various publishing houses could be beneficial to get access to good reads. Those who are lazy to read but still like to listen to stories can have audiobooks. For those who want just to read the gist of the book, you have the online summary from various sites.

Digitization has enabled us to have a treasured collection of books through various digital libraries. The global availability of books for multiple users increases the likability of E-libraries. We have e-library apps on our mobile phones, which you can easily access. A few websites you can visit for a good reading experience include;

    1. Open Library
    2. Project Gutenberg
    3. Bartleby
    4. Google books
    5. Universal Digital Library
    6. Ibiblio
    7. Internet Archive
    8. World Digital Library
    9. Global Digital Library
    10. Internet Public Library

Apart from this the university-sponsored digital libraries will also be available for reading and reference.

Using the digital platform has its own benefits. It enables a reader to clarify his doubts using a dictionary instantly and allows interaction with experts through discussion forums and chats. The secondary materials and the primary text can be analysed side by side when you are reading the book on a digital platform. These E-resources are readily available and can be explored in our own unique time and space. It is high time for students and teachers to explore these vast areas of digital libraries.

The need for promoting E-library during the present situation includes;

    1. The transition of the students to online classrooms
    2. The effective utilisation of time
    3. Developing and improving the reading habit
    4. Promoting imagination and intelligence
    5. A mental exercise to develop a growth mind-set
    6. An efficient coping strategy to reduce stress
    7. Provides enjoyment, knowledge and serenity
    8. Expanding the vocabulary
    9. Nurturing the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) skills


Libraries were not only a place for reading books, but they also acted as a place of socialization for at least for some people. Online platforms can also organize book clubs under the banner of each library. The book clubs can bring book lovers under one umbrella to share their views and criticisms on the books and authors. It can also be used to share book reviews to enhance its members’ reading and writing skills. The book club can ensure the participation of the child members by asking them to write reviews, draw character sketches, and shoot book reading videos and audios.



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