Current Date:August 9, 2022

Home Quarantine: Psychological Impact on children

Children bring joy, laughter, and enthusiasm to every home but have we ever considered how our kids are coping when their world has become so small in these few days. The vast space of imagination that a child possessed has been confined to the protective scape of their house. They might need support, and now is the best time for us as parents to enter into that role.

Along with the immediate effects, the Covid-19 outbreak has started to show its extended effects. It is not easy for us to cope up with the disruption of our daily routine. In the case of children, the effects of this disruption are more severe. After the initial enthusiasm, Children would feel stressed by being cut off from the rest of the world and cannot perform their usual duties or engage in their usual activities.

Inadequate or wrong information about the disease obtained from various sources can also worry them. Children are not just worried about their own health, but rather they worry more about their near and dear ones. We as parents should be able to tackle this situation effectively by planning and taking adequate steps in the right direction;

Children always long for that connection. They always long to be in the presence of
their classmates, friends and teachers. Even we adults feel the need for that social
interaction, so we must understand how much more our kids suffer under confinement.


  1. Create a positive environment within our homes
    Develop an environment at home that promotes positivity for every member of the household. Arrange the room of your kids in such a way that it promotes their enthusiasm and interest. Analyse and give positive opinions about the things around us, at least in front of our kids.
  2. Be a part of their world and spend time with them
    Have more family time and develop a feeling of togetherness or oneness within your children. Rather than trying to bring them around to our ways and deeds, we should be ready to accept their world and fit in it. Always ensure that your children never feel left out.
  3. Engage them in innovative activities and games
    Select the games and activities that are readily available from the internet. Always select the games according to the interest and needs of your child. Try to join in the games and activities and understand what suits them the best.
  4. Let them be part of the duties and responsibilities within home
    Create a friendly environment where everyone in the family works hand in hand. Let the children be part of all household chores and help out in whatever little way they can- be it gardening, cleaning, or cooking.
  5. Make sure they are active and vibrant
    Help them set up a pattern to their routines and activities so that they are always active and utilising time efficiently. Make sure that your children are getting adequate sleep, food, and break time. Develop a self-energizing and vibrant schedule for yourself and be a role model to your child.
  6.  Find time for meditation and exercises.
    Engage your children to do various exercises. Make it interesting with exercises like garden yoga, ABC yoga, superhero yoga, and other such exercises that generate curiosity. Find out simple breathing exercises that are most suitable to cope with stress and practice them regularly. Practice a healthy way of living during these lockdown days and emerge as fit as ever.

The government, too, has to organize a platform that gives psychological help for both institutions and families during this lockdown period as they are unable to visit a psychologist or counselor. A platform that could help parents tackle anxiety, stress, and coping issues should be created on priority. Online forums for family and friends to discuss the activities and ideas can also help overcome these struggling times.

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