Current Date:May 4, 2021

Importance of Parental Support While Pursuing a Career Based on Your Passion

The pillars, that will always stand strong without swaying, that will remain calm when a whirlwind is around the corner, that can hide tears and double the joy, that is what their parents are to each kid. When a child is in trouble the first face that flashes through his mind screaming for help is his parents, no matter how many fights and how many crazy arguments have been passed between them. The hand that held him first, teaching him to stand up, to walk, and to run, is always the one every child longs for, whatever their age. And the days when a child needs guidance and support are when he finally decides to set his wings free and soar towards his destiny.

From the role of a guide who helps his kid to set his goals, through the role of a proud motivator in his every step, to the role of a proud parent of a great achiever in life, the parental role varies each day and through each phase of life. The day when your kid enters the tenth-grade classroom, a parent should stay by him and tell him “it’s just another day at school”, “it’s just another year at school”, “it’s just a phase in life” and above all tell him “we will be here for you”.

Why have I specifically talked about the tenth grade? Well with all the anxious talk of tenth being the game-changer in a student’s life, it’s sure to put pressure on him. And as parents, it’s our duty to ensure he is at ease from all these heated discussions, from relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers, and all the well-wishers, about their future and the necessity for taking decisions. Help them to realize that they have a voice and freedom of their own to choose the right path and to strive hard towards their dream.

I have heard some students joke about their twelfth grade at school by saying “I seem to be living in a pressure cooker”, well how could they be anywhere else? Well, how could they not be? When everyone around them mutters and advocates the prominence and gravity of the classes they are studying in. Of course, we should realize it’s a critical phase for them, and rather than letting them burn with blisters, we should be the ones who roll balm on these blisters. Higher secondary exams are definitely one of the few strong winds that gush them towards their career path. During these trying times, it would be a great relief to your kids if you understand their needs and act accordingly.

Not just at this crucial age but rather from an early age every parent should;

  • Identify the passion
    Realize each kid is unique and has his or her own abilities and talents. Engage them in different types of activities both curricular and extra-curricular to understand their interest areas and to identify their passions.
  • Nurture the passion
    Once you have recognized their passions and talents, ensure to create adequate environment that helps to nurture and develop these gifts.
  • Keep that passion intact
    Constantly reinforce these skills and talents positively and help him to see the beauty of his passion.
  • Find appropriate courses
    If your kid wishes to follow his passion as a career, support him to get into good colleges and make the right decisions regarding the future.
  • Help them to be back on their feet always
    Each time your kid fails or struggles, be sure to motivate him to get back up and fight his way forward so that he succeeds in life.
  • Be there to help them achieve their dreams
    Give your kids the feeling you are omnipresent in their life, always there to guide, to help, to motivate, to encourage, and to ensure they attain their dream destination.

Be the parent who always guides them with confidence so that they can accomplish their dreams if they put in their sincere effort. And mold their personality in such a way that they stay strong, in their own decisions and strive towards their goals without wavering; when they face hardships or manipulations. Let them be the promises of a better tomorrow.

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