Current Date:August 10, 2022

10 Must Watch TED Talks for Parents

Ideas don’t matter if they do not persuade others to act- and this is what TED talks do!

For those of us, who are new to the concept of Ted talks, well, these are nothing but highly effective and informative bite-size videos on diverse topics ranging from “Blockchain Technology” to “How to raise your kids successfully. Not only are the videos incredibly educational, but they are also relevant to today’s current events and are easily accessible on the digital platform.

Parenting does not come with a manual, nor are parents graded on their parenting skills! Parenting styles evolve with generations, and every parent needs to adapt to the change. Many parents, these days, see parenting as a complex task and get very anxious about whether they are doing it right. We have come up with ten exciting TED Talks videos that address some very crucial parenting issues – a must-watch for every parent!

 Parenting in the digital age: Sonia Livingstone

We are living in the digital age, where technology rules the world. How do parents ensure that their child has a healthy and balanced relationship with technology in such a scenario? In this talk, Social psychologist Sonia Livingstone emphasizes the importance of embracing technology with children and lays down a simple, well-planned roadmap to get there.


The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain by Sarah: Jayne Blakemore

Teenagers are unpredictable, impulsive, and difficult to understand. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (Cognitive neuroscientist) explains the science and reason behind the typical “teenage” behavior. The video will help parents realize that their teen’s “unpredictable behavior” is just a part of growing up.


Let’s raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs: Cameron Herold

Your kid could be bored of school and failing tests, but who knows, maybe he has that spark in him to become an “entrepreneur”! Cameron Herold says it’s the job of parents and schools to encourage qualities like leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship, especially if the child has an aptitude for this.


Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance: Angela Lee Duckworth

A former teacher, Dr. Duckworth, talks about why some kids persevere and others don’t. Why do some people work toward goals over long periods of time? And how can that change the way we parent and educate? Dr. Duckworth realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled – it could be the “grit.”


The Danger of Silence: Clint Smith

The world today is a crazy place for kids and grown-ups alike. It can be difficult for parents to figure out how to talk to their children about what worries them. In a short, powerful talk, Clint Smith reflects on finding the courage to speak up for truth and justice.



The Power of Believing That You Can Improve: Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck talks about how the child’s mindset impacts his/her learning, abilities, and success. Children with a positive mindset have more confidence in their abilities than their counterparts with a fixed mindset. However, the highlight of this talk is when Dweck outlines the methods parents can use to help children of any age remain confident and motivated when navigating complex tasks, in and out of school.


Do schools kill creativity?  Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson talks about how creativity is as important in education as literacy in this video. Having children go to school to attend university is not equipping them to work anymore. He stresses the importance of changing the way we educate our children in the 21st century and reprioritize our thinking so that ideas, innovation, and creativity are brought forth.


5 ways to share Math with Kids: Dan Finkel

If your child always had trouble with Math, you should probably watch this talk for some great pointers! In this playful, inspiring talk, Dan Finkel invites us to approach learning and teaching math with courage, curiosity, and a sense of fun.



How to raise Successful Kids – without over parenting: Julie Lythcott Haims

In today’s competitive world, everyone has expectations, including parents. They have extremely high expectations from their children, sometimes even impractical. By pressuring kids with and micromanaging their lives, parents aren’t helping them but making them miserable. In this talk, Julie Lythcott discusses why it is important for parents not to expect too much from their children but focus on bringing them up with unconditional love.


For Parents, happiness is a very high bar: Jennifer Senior

To raise happy children is a fantastic goal, though not easily achievable. In this honest talk, Senior discusses why raising happy kids is such a crisis for modern parents and  suggests a more practical approach and achievable aims. 




This brings us to the end of this short compilation. We hope these short but powerful talks would help you develop effective parenting skills and connect better with your child.

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